Maxxis SUPERMAXX M6029

Maxxis has developed the M6029 Supermaxx Touring tyre using Virtual Intelligent Prototyping and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) — the most advanced computer technology.

  • A distinctive profile and tread pattern create precise handling and stability for quick and precise cornering
  • W-rated for today’s high performance sport bikes
  • Extensive testing in Europe


Produto Medida IC IV
Maxxis M6029 130x70 – 10
Maxxis M6029F 130/70 ZR16(DOT2010) 61W
Maxxis M6029F 110/70 ZR17 (DOT2009) 54W
Maxxis M6029F 120/70 ZR17 (DOT 2009) 58W
Maxxis M6029 150/70 R17 (DOT2009) 69W
Maxxis M6029F 120/60 ZR17(DOT2009) 55W
Maxxis M6029F 130/60 ZR17 59W
Maxxis M6029 160/60 R17 69W
Maxxis M6029 170/60 R17 72W
Maxxis M6029 180/55 ZR17 73W
Maxxis M6029 190/50 ZR17(DOT2009) 73W
Maxxis M6029 200/50 ZR17(DOT2009) 75W